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DayOne Absence Management - Please call: 0330 6600 365 Occupational Health - Please call: 01925 227 000


Why use PAM Assist?

PAM Assist will be available to provide practical assistance and fully trained support to help you through difficult times.


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Welcome to PAM Assist

PAM Wellbeing was formed in 2006 to provide an effective occupational rehabilitation service to meet the needs of PAM clients. Our experienced therapists offer comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment programmes that provide evidence
based therapies, with the aim of assisting, improving and restoring mental and physical wellbeing.

From PAM Wellbeing we are delighted to introduce PAM Assist, an expert Employee Assistance Programme.

"PAM Assist is a powerful EAP & wellbeing service that is greatly valued by the Employees and Employer alike"

 Through PAM Assist your employees will have telephone access to experienced advisors who are trained to help. The advisors will provide practical assistance and fully trained support to help your employees through difficult times.

Key Features

• Free and confidential advice
• Free telephone number
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Information and support for all work / personal issues
• All calls handled sensitively and professionally
• Website for wellbeing topics, with videos tackling issues such as stress management & health advice
• Dedicated Account Manager
• Telephone and Face to Face Counselling
• Online Counselling
• BACP accredited counsellors
• Up to 6 structured telephone counselling sessions


Since employees are often the most significant asset of any business it's important to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Our comprehensive EAP service can help your employees be prepared for life's ups and downs, and can also help:

• Raise morale and productivity for a more focused workforce by providing a valued benefit
• Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
• Demonstrate a commitment towards meeting legal requirements and duty of care toward your employees
• You'll be perceived as an employer of choice through the promotion of a caring work environment
• Monitor trends in the workplace
• High value employee benefit